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If you were an avid computer game player in the early 90's or still like playing retro console games then Striker would be a game that you would have played at some point. In this guide, we will explore it in more detail.


Striker was released back in 1992 for the Amiga, Atari and Mega Drive. It was released under various names around the world. In Japan the game was known as World Soccer. In France, it went by Eric Cantona Football Challenge because Eric Cantona allowed the game to use his name, probably for a tidy sum.


One of the main differences between this game and other football simulations at the time was that you could play your games from a 3D viewpoint. Of course, now every football simulator is played in 3D, but this was arguably the game that started it all.

This development received a mixed reaction from critics at the time. Some claimed that this was revolutionary, while others said that the 3D match engine was rushed to market; therefore, had too many errors to be considered a success.


Another point that gained a mixed critical reception was the speed that the game was played at. For the time, the game was played at a blistering pace when compared to others on the market. Some critics loved this change saying that it allowed users to get much more involved. On the other hand, a lot of people said that the game was way too quick, which made the game hard and in some cases un-playable.


One thing the game did get slated for was that graphically it was not very 'good looking', but it made up for it with wonderful playability. My argument to this rather critical point is how many retro games have great graphics? The answer to that question is none. However, as they also went onto say that the playability was second to none; surely, this is what made the game a success.


This game was a very strange one when it came to critical reception. As you can tell from the above, views were rather mixed, which meant that you either loved the game or hated it. Striker's game rankings varied from a top score of 94% from the Amiga magazine all the way to a lowest score of 64% from another Amiga magazine based in Germany.


If you want to pick the game up again, then the chances are you will not remember any of the tips that made the game much easier. Here are a few tips:

  • Dribbling - It is much easier to dribble rather than pass. In fact, if you can remember, passing often resulted in losing the ball.
  • Attacking Positions - You will find that some positions are much easier to score from than others. Once you have played the game a couple of times you will start to realise that there are certain areas that almost have a 100% shot to goal ratio. Attacking these positions will make winning games much easier.


In my opinion, Striker was as good back in the early 90's as FIFA or Pro Evo is today. At the end of the day, if you play the game enough you get used to its 'blistering' speed. On top of this, the development of the 3D match engine was the first of its kind so it was always bound to have small errors. When you pair these points with the games unquestionably great playability, it was not only the finest football simulation at the time; it was one of the best games of any genre.

Game Analysis


There is only one game that can say it was the first to try the 3D match engine, and Striker is that game. Regardless of how poor some people believe it to be, in my opinion it was not that bad and the 'gamble' paid off. I believe, that even when you compared this match engine, so games that were released a couple of years later it still fairs well.

Controls and Play

For the time, the game actually had a lot to get on with. You could play friendlies, the super cup, a world knockout, world league and even just a game of penalties. While these competitions featured all the same teams, there was still a lot to overcome in order to say that you had completed the game. The speed of the game was a positive point for many, which, in my opinion, added to the playability.

Unique Concept

While the game did not come up with anything new in terms of Gameplay it was the first to successfully release a playable 3D match engine. This alone gives the originality of the game great marks.

Game Detail

Even though there were quite a few competitions to work your way through, you could not help but feel that they were all the same. Unfortunately, developers worked on longevity but as depth was not one of their strong points.


This is a hard category to rank because some people found that it was revolutionary, which meant that they played it a lot, while others believed the game was too difficult; therefore, they did not even bother. If you enjoyed playing any game that was a bit advanced for its time, and liked playing football simulations than the chances are you would have found this game addictive.


This game is considered enough of a classic by players to be considered a retro game. However, it is not that old that the price has rocketed because the game is considered an antique. This means you can obtain a working copy of the game for just a fiver. On the other hand, buying or finding the console may be a bit harder.

Overall Rating

In my opinion, for the time, Striker was a world class game; unfortunately, I do not think critics gave it a fair review, which led to it not doing so well in the market. Try playing the game today, and another football simulation that was released at the same time, you will soon realise that many more of the features on Striker have been developed into today's football simulations. Therefore, you have to consider the game as revolutionary.

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