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Kairosoft has its hand in a few simulation-flavoured pies, from Grand Prix to extra-terrestrial happenings, but they’ve gone and ventured a little closer to home with ‘Pocket League Story’, attempting to bring the intricacies of football management to the iOS device in their own way. If success awaits, you’ll read about it below.  

Managerial Duties

As one of the most approachable football simulators I’ve ever played on my mobile device, Pocket League Story breaks you very gently into the game, holding your hand in the form of tutorial-like instructional segments that guide you through the whole process, from assembling your team to on-field action. Your duty as manager of your very own football team is to assemble and train a team, win matches and enter into negotiations with other players to persuade them that your club is the way to go. From the outset you are thrust onto a literal piece of barren-looking land on which you use facilities to earn research points for training your players, have a casual kick about, and generally assemble the best team possible. From picking your players and negotiating transfers to building more facilities and increasing your players’ skills through training, you’re pretty much involved on the microscopic level in all of it.

Ins and Outs

The whole experience is so attractive because the focus is on developing your team by playing matches, gaining experience and levelling up. Playing matches also increases your popularity, fame, and research points (for training). Income relies on tickets, prize money, merchandise and sponsors: the better you play, the more money you earn. You’ll find yourself re-investing your money into your club and having a great time doing so.

Peri-Match Blues

It’s an unfortunate twist in the tale that the actual match play is much less engaging. Instead of allowing for the level of involvement seen in your off-pitch duties, the matches are themselves are largely a spectator’s affair. You’re allowed to pick your team’s formation before the match and during half-time, and can change the style of play during the match between attacking, defensive etc., but in reality you end up staring at the screen for minutes at a time wishing that you’d just picked up Flick Kick Football Kickoff instead so you can actually get your hands on the ball.

Full Time

Pocket League Story is a quaint little take on the football-simulator genre that promises not to punish those that aren’t all that well-versed in the sport. A little shallow in its match play, the game’s selling point is the control over the off-pitch aspects of the game: A single bravo for this aspect alone, and a recommendation from me to give this one a try

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