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New Star Soccer game

I played New Star Soccer for a solid two hours without realising the time and my day had quite literally vanished before me. Many would argue that this is exactly what makes a good video game and in most cases I would agree.

Unfortunately not with New Star Soccer; once you get a glimpse at the clock you realise that you have somehow been locked in and brain washed. Resulting in you questioning exactly what processed you to pursue such a static game for such a long period of time.

As with any game I kicked things off in Arcade Mode in order to get a feel for the game and instantly I was hit with the realisation that this game was going to be lacking in imagination and originality. As with every game it shows you the basics in how to position a shot, play a pass etc. and the instructions were extremely clear and straight forward, which would mean after two minutes in Arcade Mode there was no problem entering Career Mode and playing the game for real.

Being able to make this transition so early on is a positive to the game, I cannot deny that. As a game player I like to get straight into the thick of things and often get frustrated with games that require too much attention to Arcade Mode.

However, even as early as Arcade Mode I had a sense of DeJa Vu and a burning concern that this game was going to be exactly like 50 other soccer games I had played on the internet only with worse graphics.

Away from the pitch you are also required to manage your social life, this includes a variety of things; for example you are required to buy sports drinks with your goal bonus in order to ensure that you remain match fit and in the first team. So when it's not match day there are other sides to the game you must consider, this initially had me intrigued until realising that the things you can do don't vary throughout a season and within ten minutes of the game you've done everything you can do off the pitch.

Originality again is left to be desired with off the pitch matters too; for instance you are given the opportunity to build your relationships with your boss, teammates and fans, we all know this has been done a million times, however there is a more interesting twist about this game in that if you choose to pursue a bonding session with the boss it will cost you energy level points.

A plus about the game is that nothing comes for free and there are side effects to every decision that you make off the field adding an interesting extra element to playing. For instance if you want to spend your money on improving your skill levels, then your energy levels go down and you will potentially risk being dropped for the coming fixtures, so it's important to make the correct off the field decision.

Unfortunately no matter which person/people you choose to improve your relationship with the task you are given to ensure this is a very simple 'match the card game' which after attempted moral boost 15 can become quite tedious, particularly when the end result of a victory is simply a sentence reading 'you've signed some autographs for the fans. +1'.

Matters on the pitch are also far from challenging, as the game stops each time it's your players turn to play and you have well, as long as you want. You could literally go downstairs make your dinner, watch an episode of The Sopranos go back to your laptop and then take your shot with the game waiting for you; that is how much time you've got to line the arrow up correctly and tap the ball in the correct place to ensure you get the points you require; the lack of challenge almost makes you want to make your dinner and watchThe Sopranos before playing on. This game is too easy.

Another issue is your lack of involvement or control over the game itself, you come on the screen when your player is on the ball or attempting to make a block meaning that you play as little or as much as the game decides resulting in the game player spending a lot of time watching stats trickle down your screen; it's an incentive to try and build moral with your teammates as appose to the fans initially I would assume.

To conclude, the overall sense that the game is going nowhere and the fact that it is so similar to many games I've previously played means I didn't take much inspiration from this game; a pretty low scoring three out of ten stars from me on this one and whilst you find yourself lost playing it for a little while the first time, I imagine very few people will find themselves coming back to this game for a second run with the great 'Guisel Football Club'.

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